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Once upon a Tail..

A Furry Tale..

Brighton Furry Tails started as a business in May 2014.

I completed an Animal First Aid Training at Plumpton College.

Prior to this, I had been walking dogs for "the Dogs Trust" in Shoreham, mostly at weekends and then went into Animal Healing training with E.Whiter and Asentia College.

I first practiced healing on horses, then cats and dogs later on.

I have previously been volunteering for "Cats Protection" and the "RSPCA", making sure the cats to be re-homed had clean and comfortable facilities, and enough individual attention. I was occasionally asked to tend to smaller animals like Guinea pigs, Rabbits and Hamsters(RSPCA).

Early days

  1. Sherkhan
My love for animals started early, my family had pet cats from when I was born so I got to know felines from an early age, and dogs when I visited my cousins in the country, who had an army of 6 dogs, (Labradors and mixed breeds). I considered them my friends just as much as the human ones.

At some point in my growing up(5/6ish), I wanted so much to be part of my feline and canine friend's life that I started eating their biscuits, imitating their calls and went on adventures following them through brushes and trees.

When I was sent to my Aunt for holidays, Elise, a dutiful Rottweiler, would be looking after me as she would her own pup. To me, "Letter for Elise"(Beethoven) evokes some lovely canine memories!


At Brighton Furry Tails, we take care of dogs individually, even when walking a group of 6 dogs. Each dog has his own dog-pod space in the van and is monitored according to his breed, needs, physical fitness, age and personality.

For that reason, we do a prior assessment of your dog friend at your home and go on a walk with him and you, to assess his/her behavior in various situations, (with other dogs, with other adults, with children..)in order to place him/her with compatible dogs on the walks.

Your address is kept private and the keys in our care are always kept in a very safe place.(I am CRB checked too as I also work with children in my spare time).

A medical history of your pet is requested and also some personality traits, which helps to get to know him/her.
Each dog is given water after each walk, and there is always an open vent next to the dog-pods when travelling from your address to the nearby countryside. Feeding after the walk on request.
Let us know about dietary requirements/allergies, as treats will be given during the walks.

Your pet Dog will be equiped with a "Brighton Furry Tails" tag at the beginning of each walk, making it easier for someone to contact me,  (in the unlikely event of your dog getting confused and joining another walk group or getting lost).

That allows you to have complete peace of mind,  and deal with your daily activities, knowing your dog is safe during every walk.

Upon agreeing to walk your pet, you will be asked to sign a "Disclaimer", allowing us to walk your dog off the lead. If you choose not to, your pet dog will be walked on lead.
On the first few walks, all dogs are walked on leads, to assess their behavior and initiate a trust bond between  dog and  walker.

Brighton Furry Tails van and business has been assessed by "Brighton and Hove City Council", which means it is equiped for the safe transport of dogs, vehicle and dog walker both insured for professional dog walking. You will find us on the list at:

I am a trained Animal First Aider, which means I know how to give  first care in case of an injury or minor ailment.

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