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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service
in Brighton

Dog Walking and Pet Carers for Brighton & Hove
At Brighton Furry Tails, we take care of all types and breeds.
Each Dog will receive the love and attention that you would naturally give them.
 Your special hound has its own dog-pod space in the van and is monitored according to his breed, needs, physical fitness, age and personality.
Your dog is collected from your home, at a time that suits you. Bear in mind there are also set times for group walks.
NOTE: Your dog  is cleaned of muddy bits(paws and belly) with a mobile water jet and towelled before heading back home.

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    CATS and other furries
    Cats also need care and attention, especially indoor ones. Years of voluntary work at Cats Protection and RSPCA means that an experienced sitter will be looking after your loved one. Also experienced animal care with Aquaria(fishes), rabbits, rats, guinea pigs hamsters.
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    Pet Sitting Services
    A happy Dog is a dog well fed, watered, exercised and in good company! We come to visit your friend at home while you are busy, overnights can be catered for too. Bespoke visits are tailored to the needs of your pet. The administration of medicines can be requested(except injections).
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    Dog Walking Services
    Your Pooch is picked up after initial assessment and walked in group of 6 maximum or alone. The first walk is Free. The walks are happening in woods around the Brighton area, at a safe distance from roads and cattle. Your thirsty dog friend is then watered, rinsed of muddy bits and towelled before being driven back home.
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Animal Healing

Animal healing involves working with the energy fields of your furry friend. It works for humans and it works for animals too.
Trained by Asentia college and Elizabeth Whiter. A Healing session can be requested to relieve stress and pain levels experienced by your pet.

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Brighton and Hove Council

  CRB checked

  Fully Insured

  Animal First Aid trained
FURRY TAILS offers an experienced and fully insured  dog walking service, in  carefully selected dog groups or on a one-to-one basis.
Your dog will be driven in a first class van equiped with safe dog-pods, tinted windows(for your rock-star dog) and air conditioning /air vents, water bowls. The Pods are equipped with special foam mats that are comfy and hygienic. The dogs wear "Furrytails" dog tags for the duration of the walk, for your peace of mind(and ours).
We also offer Pet Sitting, Animal Healing and Photo Portrait.
 (your pet in his/her best moment).

FURRY TAILS is also equipped with a mobile water jet, to get rid of the mud, then each dog is towelled. No more muddy paw prints on the sofa!
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Brighton Furry Tails supports various animal welfare charities, some of them I was working for as a volunteer, and witnessed the amazing work they do for dogs and other furries in need.
Please click on the link and see which one you would like to give your support to.
PS: If you are looking for a new dog companion, I warmly recommand the Dogs trust.

DOGS TRUST (nearest Branch Shoreham):

THE CINNAMON'S TRUST (Finding fosters for Pets whose owners are experiencing life's challenges):

CATS PROTECTIOn (nearest adoption centre in Hailsham BN27 2rb)


WWF UK Sponsor a TIGER (Kamrita)

And for Dogs training aids, treats, accessories and natural remedies:


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